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GV-AI Guard Basic 3rd Party/1

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Cena: 353,22 zł 353.22 (81,86 €)
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Producent: GEOVISION
Kod produktu: 55-AK00000-0001


Klucz licencyjny umożliwiający dołączenie do systemu GV-AI Guard 1 dowolnej kamery IP...

Gwarancja: 36 mies.

Karta katalogowa PDF

Tekstowa zawartość karty katalogowej PDF:

GV-AI Guard

GV ‐ AI Guard Basic is a full ‐featured video management software, powered by AI video analytics. GV ‐ AI Guard Basic provides a spate
of AI video analytics functions which include PVA Motion Detection for identifying human and vehicle motion from other moving
objects, Intrusion for setting up virtual fences, Violation Stay fo r parking and pedestrian violation, Hard Hat Detection for warning
people not wearing hard hats, as well as Social Distancing Detection , Face Mask Detection and Crowd Detection for practicing the
COVID‐ 19 safety measures.

Through intelligent video analytics, GV ‐ AI Guard Basic can recognize the specific conditions on its own, raise alarms to intruders or
violators, and notify operators of potential issues instantly. GV ‐ AI Guard Basic is ideal for you to safeguard premises, road and
construction site safety, and even the health of the publ ic to against COVID ‐ 19.

* Up to 16 camera channels for AI video analytics
* PVA Motion Detection for identifying human and vehicle motion from other moving objects
* Intrusion Detection for triggering alarms when people or vehicles across defined areas
* Violation Stay for detecting people or vehicles caught staying at no standing areas
* Social Distancing Detection for alerting people not keeping a safe distance from each other
* Hard Hat Detection for alerting people not wearing hard hats before entering a construction site
* Face Mask Detection for alerting people not wearing masks
* Crowd Detection for detecting overcrowding of people or vehicles
* LPR recognition for vehicle violation stay for the following countries/areas: France, Hungary, Slovakia, Taiwan, Myanmar, Euro and
* Event alerts: alarm output, e ‐mail notification and computer noise alarm
* Popup live veiw upon AI events
* Query by AI events
* AI event detection schedule
* Support for GV ‐Center V2 / GV ‐Vital Sign Monitor (V18.3.0) central monitoring upon AI events
* Support for GV ‐Cloud Center (V2.0) and GV ‐Notify app (V1.3.2) for push notifications upon AI events

Note: The integration of AI events from GV ‐ AI Guard to GV ‐Cloud Center and GV ‐Notify app is coming soon.
GV-AI Guard August 23, 2021

OS 64‐bit
Windows 10 / Server 2016 / Server 2019
Intel Core i7 ‐8700 Processor
16 GB (8 GB x 2)
Graphics Card
Intel UHD Graphics 630, (9/25/2019) or later
1. For AI video analytics, the utilization of the graphics processor of 8
‐ gen Intel Core i7 / i9 or above is required, which only works
when a monitor is connected to its PC.
2. Only Intel Core processors are compatible with GV ‐ AI Guard; other brands of CPU do not work with GV ‐ AI Guard.
3. GV ‐ AI Guard does not support virtual ma chine installation.
4. For system efficiency, we recommend the enterprise ­level hard disk drives with 7200 RPM at least and average R/W speed above
110 MB/s. Avoid using desktop ­level hard disks which may affect system efficiency.
5. To use fisheye dewarping, the graphics card must support DirectX 10.1 or abov e.
6. The system requirements are determined in round ‐ the ‐clock recording settings with live view only, while remote connections and
video analysis being disabled.
7. H.265 decoding and searching of face recognition events by face images requires 6th Generation Intel Desktop Processor
(Skylake) or above, which comes with onboard GPU.

GV ‐ AI Guard Basic Version is paid software that requires a GV ‐USB Dongle, with at least 1 ‐ ch AI Analytics, to start.
License Type
1. AI Analytics: 16 Ch
2. Recording: 32 Ch
3. 3
Party IP Device: 32 Ch
4. LPR Recognition: 32 Ch

Increment of each license type
1 Ch

Dongle Type Internal / External

Note: GV ‐USB Dongle comes in internal and external dongles. Internal dongle is recommended for its Hardware Watchdog function,
which automatically restarts the PC when Windows crashes or freezes.

Optional Combination

1. GV ‐ AI Guard + GV ‐ PO S S/W Capture (with options of 4 serial POS and 32 network POS


2. GV ‐ AI Guard + GV ‐ PO S Text Sender (with options of 1, 2, 4, 8, 12 and 32 ports)

Video Resolution Up to 12 Megapixels per channel

Video Codec H.264, H.265

Frame Rate By Key Frame (each channel detected once per second)

AI Analytics Channels Up to 16 Ch

Recording Channels Up to 32 Ch

Detection Objects Human / Vehicles (Car, Bus, Truck, Bicycle, Motorcycle)

Max Number of Detected Objects
‐ PVA Motion Detection, Violation Stay, Intruder, Social Distancing Detection, Crowd
Detection: 30 per channel
‐ Face Mask Detection, Hard Hat Detection: 10 per channel

Event Alerts Alarm Output, E ‐mail, Computer Noise Alarm

Language English, Traditional Chinese

Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.

GV-AI Guard August 23, 2021

GV-AI Guard August 23, 2021
GPU (Graphics Processing Unit) decoding can lower the CPU loading and increase the total frame rate supported by your system.
GV ‐ AI Guard only supports Intel onboard GPU: 8
‐ 9
Generation Intel Core i3 / i5 / i7 Desktop Processors

Optional Devices
GV ‐ COM V3 can add 1 RS‐ 485 port to your computer through a USB connector.
GV ‐Data Capture

GV ‐ Data Capture unit allows the integration of POS systems and the GeoVision surveillance

system through cable or network connection.

GV ‐ IO Box Series

GV ‐ IO Box series provides 4 / 8 / 16 inputs and relay outputs, and supports both DC and AC

output voltages, with optional support for Ethernet module and 4E additionally supporting PoE


GV ‐ IR Remote Control

GV ‐ IR Remote Control allows you to control the GeoVision surveillance system at the maximum

operation distance of 7 m (22.97 ft).

GV ‐Joystick V2

GV ‐Joystick V2 facilitates PTZ camera control. It can be either plugged into the GeoVision

surveillance system for independent use or connected to GV ‐Keyboard to empower the


GV ‐Keyboard V3

GV ‐Keyboard V3 is designed to program and operate the GeoVision surveillance system with the

keyboard and functional keys, and can be connected to PTZ cameras directly for PTZ control.

GV ‐ NET I/O Card V3.2

GV ‐NET/IO card V3.2 provides 4 inputs and 4 relay outputs. It supports both DC and AC output

voltages and provides a USB port as well.

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