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Producent: GEOVISION
Kod produktu: 82-FR00006-0000


Klucz licencyjny z oprogramowaniem do automatycznej identyfikacji twarzy na 6 dowolnych kamerach IP...

Gwarancja: 36 mies.

Karta katalogowa PDF

Tekstowa zawartość karty katalogowej PDF:


GV ‐ AI FR is a video analytic software designed to provide Face Recognition (FR) ability for up to 8 channels of IP cameras, and can be
integrated into GV ‐VMS, a video management software, and/or GV ‐ASManager, via GV ‐Controllers, respectively for FR ‐triggered video
recording and/or access management.

GV-AI FR August 11, 2021

* Support for up to 8 channels of IP cameras
* Realtime face recognition and tracking
* Masked face recognition
* Average recognition speed of within 1 second per face when the recognition targets are moving toward the cameras
* Face Database managing up to 100,000 Face Profiles with 3 face images per profile
* Face profiling by age and gender
* Liveness detection for ensuring the persons recognized are not of inanimate objects, such as printed photos, during recognition
* Automatic compilation of statistical graphs for the number and distribution of ages and genders of the faces recognized entering
and exiting the premise
* Exportable daily / weekly / monthly / yearly hourly face recognition count
* Query by face recognition events
* Integration of GV ‐VMS for video recording and playing back face recognition events
* Integration of GV ‐ASManager for access management by paring access data to Face Profiles
* Master and Slave feature for interconnecting multiple GV ‐ AI FRs with a centralized Face Database
* Support for connecting to 3
‐party controllers for access management via GV ‐ FWC within the LAN and/or GV ‐COM V3 + GV ‐WTR
by physical connection

Live Monitoring & Welcome
When a person enters the premises, a corresponding face recognition result, along with a predefined personalized image, can be
displayed on the connected Welcome screen(s), playing an advertisement, for greeting and/or commercial purposes.

Dashboard & Average Hourly FR Count
The Dashboard and Hourly FR Count features of GV ‐ AI FR respectively display the distribution of age and gender of FR events within a
day and an average hourly FR count for a selected day, week, month or year.

GV-AI FR August 11, 2021

GV ‐ AI FR is a paid software that requires a GV ‐Dongle License, which is available in increments of 1 channel, from 1 – 8 channels.
Free License
Maximum License
8 Channels
Increment of License
1 Channel
Dongle Type
Internal / External
Note: GV ‐USB Dongle comes in internal and external dongles. Internal dongle is recommended for its Hardware Watchdog function,
which automatically restarts the PC when Windows crashes or freezes.

Minimum System Requirements
Below are the minimum PC requirements for connecting and performing face recognition with up to 4 and 8 channels of IP cameras.
1 – 4 Channels 5 – 8 Channels

OS 64‐bit
Windows 10
‐Generation Intel® Core™ i7 / i9 or above
Memory 8 GB (4 GB x 2) DDR4 RAM 16 GB (8 GB x 2) DDR4 RAM
Remote Access
Microsoft Internet Explorer 11 or later
1. For face recognition, the utilization of the graphics processor of 8
‐ gen Intel Core i7 / i9 or above is required, which only works
when a monitor is connected to its PC.
2. Only Intel Core processors are compatible with GV ‐ AI FR; other brands of CPU do not work with GV ‐ AI FR.
3. For remote access through a browser, Internet Ex plorer must be used, as some functions will be nonfunctional through non ‐ IE
4. GV ‐ AI FR does not support virtual machine installation.

Video Input Up to 8 channels

Video Codec H.264, H.265

Video Resolution Up to 2 Megapixels per channel

IP Camera Supported
GV ‐ Face Detection Cameras (GV ‐BX2600 ‐ FD / 2700 / 2700 ‐ FD / 4700 / 4700 ‐ FD / 8700 ‐FD,
GV ‐MD8710 ‐ FD), IP cameras via ONVIF or RTSP, USB webcams

Networking LAN, WAN, Internet

Functions Face Detection, Face Recognition, Age & Gender Detection, Liveness Detection

Recognition Speed Within 1 second per face when the recognition targets are moving toward the cameras

No. of Face Profiles 100,000

No. of Face Groups Unlimited

No. of GV ‐ AI FR
11 (1 Master + 10 Slaves, sharing 1 Face Database managed by the Master)

Face Event Trigger I/O Box Output, Serial Port Output, LINE Notification, Access Controller Trigger

Software Integration GV ‐ VMS V18.1 or later (video surveillance), GV ‐ASManager V5.3.0 or later (access control)

Mobile App
GV ‐ Face for Android/iOS mobile devices (face enrollment, viewing & searching events),
GV ‐Welcome for Android TV boxes / mobile devices (for Welcome screen display)

Language English

Note: All specifications are subject to change without notice.

GV-AI FR August 11, 2021

GV-AI FR August 11, 2021
Optional Devices
GV ‐ COM V3 can add 1 RS‐ 485 port to your computer through a USB connector.

GV ‐ FWC can integrate GV ‐Face Recognition Cameras and/or GV ‐ AI FR into access control systems

by sending access data paired with Face IDs to the connected controllers.

GV ‐ IO Box (Ethernet) Series

GV ‐ IO Box series (4E / 8E / 16E) provide 4 / 8 / 16 inputs and relay outputs and support Ethernet

module, with 4E additionally supporting PoE, TCP/IP and RS‐ 485 connection.


GV ‐WTR is a converter designed for connecting to and converting Wiegand interface to RS ‐485

interface, and vice versa. It enables 3rd party readers to be connected to RS‐485 GV ‐Controllers,

as well as allow GV ‐FWC to be connected to 3rd ‐ party controllers.

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